Hippocrates is the major ancient scientist – healer, known as the “father of modern medicine”. He set the foundations for a rational and scientific approach to medicine. He rejected the view that illness was a punishment from some kind of deity, relieving medicine from the grip of mysticism and superstition.

He focused on environmental causes for the natural treatment of diseases, highlighting the therapeutic importance of psychological factors, nutrition and lifestyle, the way of thinking, the balance of body and mind, as well as the need for harmony between individuals and their social and natural environment and used, among others, music and theatre as therapeutic tools.

The medicine of the Greeks, respecting above and beyond all the human being, reached a very high level of development and of efficiency!

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of medical terms all over the world has Greek roots.

The country has ultramodern operating rooms and hybrid operating theatres, both in the private and public sector and is among Europe’s best.

Thanks to a high level of education, training, professionalism and ethics, Greek Physicians are renowned internationally and are among the top of the world, along with skilled nursing and support personnel.

Α very important factor for our country attracting health tourists, is the low cost of medical procedures, in comparison to foreign countries, as well as the favourable legislation e.g. in the case of IVF.