The Greek Health Tourism Association is an institution whose sole purpose is to promote internationally the great advantages of Greece in offering both health services and Tourism.

Using tradition and the know-how of Greek experts and scientists, even from the time of Hippocrates, the father of modern Medicine worldwide, today’s Greek physicians and health scientists prove their efficiency and very high level of knowledge in various fields concerning health and quality of life every day.

And all this in a unique natural and humane environment, where values such as hospitality, interest for the fellow man, solidarity and costs as treated as part of the long Greek tradition and philosophy.

The fields that we outline are those for which we are responsibly convinced that the infrastructure and scientific personnel are a guarantee for fully meeting your expectations and even exceeding them.

The health facilities and wellness centres mentioned, based on absolutely objective criteria, amongst the most reliable worldwide, while the cost of their services is the lowest possible, as compared to the level of quality they offer.

Furthermore, the Greek Health Tourism Association will always be by your side in order to support you needs and fulfil your expectations to the greatest extent possible.

We don’t believe we need to add anything more that what you already know about the tourism and cultural aspects of Greece.

Just another responsible promise from us that the combination of health benefits and the tourist experience in Greece will leave an indelible mark on your body, mind and senses for many years in your life.

Health Tourism Sectors